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STT Steel Transport & Trade BV was founded in 2010 at the request of one of our customers to always guarantee their transport and the associated service that is requested by many customers.
This service often means that correct and original papers are delivered to the end customers.

STT started with just one person, Leo Maas, the current logistics manager.
A tough job for just one person, but not an impossible one. This can be seen after all these years, in which STT has grown into an indispensable name in steel transport, where quality and service are always at the forefront.

The first office was opened in the LSC Bree building, one of the well-known loading points in our region.
To this day, this office is still an indispensable factor in the service we provide, because drivers receive their delivery papers immediately after loading.

After about a year, there was a need for staff and the first member of staff was hired and soon another followed, namely Sarina, who is still an indispensable part of the STT team today. During the years that followed, of course, some people came and went, but Sarina stuck.

After almost 12 years, STT was ready to expand again. It had become so immensely busy in recent years that it was no longer possible to keep up with three people. It was therefore high time to look for someone else.
Leo then talked to Glenn, the newest member of the STT team. He already had several years of experience in the steel and transport sector and joined the STT team in mid-2022.

With the arrival of Glenn, a new office has also been opened in Maastricht at Fregatweg 50 in the Beatrixhaven. Leo and Glenn have been working from this office ever since and Sarina will continue to work from Bree.
However, Sarina is alone in Bree at that time and STT is therefore looking for a new force to assist her. This search is still ongoing and brings us to the point where we as STT are now.

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