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Open vacancies

Below is an overview of the currently open vacancies
at STT Steel Transport & Trade BV

Administrative assistant

Fjob description


You perform the following tasks:

  • Invoicing and invoice control;

  • order entry;

  • Answer from phoneoon and emails;

  • Planning support;

  • Contacts with customers/carriers;

  • Receiving drivers who load or unload freight and provide them with the correct documents (CRMs, waybills, etc.).


  • Knowledge of MS Office;

  • Accurate and independent work;

  • Being stress resistant and flexible towards tasks and working hours.

Job-related competencies

  • Compile administrative files
    Checking data, updating data, returns or reminders

  • Letters, tables, enter according to instructions

  • Accept phone calls
    Transfer to the requested interlocutors
    Record a message

  • Welcoming people and identifying their question

  • You have a good command of the Dutch language

  • You have a good command of the German language

  • You have a reasonable or good command of the English language


  • You work 40 hours a week with 18 days of paid ADV (PC226).

  • You workfrom 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

  • You can immediatelystart.

  • In addition to your remuneration in accordance with PC 226, we offer meal vouchers of 5 euros per day, hospitalization insurance and group insurance.

Place of employment

Channel North 1417 3960 BREE

Required studies

  • No specific study requirements

Work experience

  • Not important


  • Permanent job

  • Contract of indefinite duration

  • Full-time

  • Day work


Fregatweg 50, 6222 NZ Maastricht, The Netherlands

Phone NL: +31 43.3653767

Fax NL: +31 43.3653768

Phone BE: +32 89.733488

Fax BE: +32 89.733288

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